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Optimizing 3D Printing

Scale your additive manufacturing operations with SAM

Optimizing 3D Printing Production

To gain access to our 3D printing optimization software, simply sign up through our registration process

Scale Your Additive Manufacturing Operations

Smart Scheduling

Not Queuing! Smart Scheduling instantly creates production plans across an infinite number of printers and orders.

And it does this taking into account all of your critical production variables.

Automated Workflow

Automated Workflow No human error, no manual intervention. With Sam3dp your uptime approaches 100% of equipment capacity. Everything always in the right place at the right time.

Dynamic decision making

Real-Time Monitoring Scheduling optimization happens with real-time data batches. Meaning constant re-evaluation of planning and an up to the second scenario for all of production.

Integration and
Machine Connectivity

Sam3dp is the missing element to your Additive Manufacturing workflow. Sam3dp integrates into any system as a Middleware.

WHY Smart Scheduling?

SAM presents a cutting-edge solution tailor-made for your additive manufacturing (AM) operations. Our intelligent scheduling system empowers your business to achieve optimal scalability. 

Instant and Significant increase in Uptime.

Sam3dp will ensure that your printers are working at their full capacity. Zero downtime on account of scheduling issues.


No mistakes in planning, no late deliveries. Stand out you’re your competitors by meeting all due dates.

Make your print farm Amazon-proof; never miss out on challenging sales opportunities.

Simple to use

Sam3dp is simplicity itself. Easily integrated, it can be run by anyone. 


Sam3dp unleashes potential. It allows you to grow your fleet to any size overnight without loss of productivity or exponential growth of complexity in production planning. SAM is the gateway to rapid expansion. SAM is infinite scalability

Industrial Structure

Are You Ready to Scale Your Business?

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