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Dive Into the New Age of the 
Manufacturing Industry

Our Features

Optimised Scheduling

Presenting an advanced smart scheduling system that operates seamlessly by harmonizing due dates, printer availability, Gcode specifications, and desired characteristics.  

Automated System

Automating pivotal stages of the workflow, frequently executed manually, including order management and production planning, yields substantial time savings while substantially mitigating the potential for human errors. 

Dynamic Decision making

Our system autonomously recalibrates and adapts prior production plans to align seamlessly with the evolving requirements of our customers. 

Integrations and Machine connectivity 

By establishing machine connectivity, a realm of live diagnostics and data is at your disposal. This enables predictive maintenance, offers real-time monitoring of machine statuses.

Industrial Structure
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SAM eliminates the need to migrate extensive amounts of data or work from existing systems. Our integration process seamlessly connects with your current systems, including your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and 3D printers. This integration ensures that SAM works harmoniously within your established infrastructure, allowing for efficient data exchange and streamlined operations. 


We have successfully established integration capabilities with Plenty markets. This integration allows us to seamlessly connect and synchronize data between our software solution and the Plenty markets platform.

We have successfully developed integration capabilities with OctoPrint, allowing us to seamlessly integrate with any machine that utilizes this platform. This compatibility enables us to offer our software solution to a wide range of 3D printers, providing our customers with a flexible and adaptable solution


Orders Management 


The functionality of our orders management system includes the ability to input your order details manually. This includes specifying due dates and required quantities. As a result, the system generates a comprehensive schedule to ensure effective order management .


We offer automation and seamless integration with your ERP system. This automation ensures that the order management system synchronizes seamlessly with your existing workflow.

Printers Management

Add your printers 

By automating this process, you're relieved of concerns about printer availability and the optimal pairing of objects with specific printers. This functionality streamlines your workflow, eliminates guesswork, and ensures the efficient utilization of resources.

Monitor your Printers

Whether you prefer manual or automated control and monitoring, our system offers the flexibility you need to streamline your printer management. 

- Track their status,
- Optimize resource allocation,
- Schedule print jobs efficiently.


Parts Management

G code Upload

Once uploaded, our automated parsing feature comes into play. The system automatically extracts essential information such as color and printing technology from the file. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that you have all the pertinent details about the part.


Within our system, an automated matching process is in place to seamlessly align your G-code with the appropriate printer and corresponding orders. Upon uploading your G-code, the system assesses its compatibility with the printers at hand. This evaluation factors in vital aspects like printer specifications, color prerequisites, and printing technology. 

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