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Abstract Background

Our Mission

is to make 3D printing accessible to everyone.

Our Story


SAM specializes in assisting companies involved in Additive Manufacturing who aspire to expand their production capabilities.

We provide a range of solutions, including a real-time smart scheduling system that optimizes production plans for 3D printer farms.

Our software modules are designed to enhance and streamline your Additive Manufacturing processes intelligently. Leveraging data-driven insights, our solutions encompass smart scheduling modules that offer real-time configuration, Matching Systems that pair products and orders efficiently, and Predictive Analytics for accurate printing schedule planning and forecasting.

By harnessing the power of SAM's modules, we enable you to elevate your Additive Manufacturing operations, improve efficiency, and achieve optimized results. Our solutions are tailored to address the unique challenges and demands of scaling production in the Additive Manufacturing industry.

Our Values

We help to democratize Industrial Additive Manufacturing.

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Customer First

At SAM, our unwavering commitment is to provide tailored solutions that precisely meet the needs of our customers. We firmly believe in the power of singularity, recognizing that each customer has unique requirements and challenges.

Financial Analyst


Financial Value

We prioritize delivering a fair and transparent financial model to our customers, ensuring they receive optimal value from our solutions. Our payment-by-use approach allows for cost transparency, as customers only pay for the actual utilization of our product. This model ensures that costs align with the value derived from our solution.

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We Grow Together

At SAM, we go beyond delivering results. We strive to be your trusted partner, working collaboratively by your side to help you become a world leader in Additive Manufacturing (AM). We understand that achieving leadership in this dynamic industry requires more than just software solutions.

Industrial Structure

​Behind the scenes, the masterminds driving SAM's revolution in the manufacturing sector are Aymen, Sajed and Jeya.

Aymen's experience as a frustrated operator has been a driving force behind the development of SAM. His firsthand understanding of the challenges faced in scaling operations has fueled his determination to create a solution like SAM that addresses these pain points effectively.

Sajed brings a wealth of expertise in strategic development and communication. His extensive network provides valuable insights and connections that contribute to SAM's growth and success. With a 5-year background in software engineering and sales, combining technical skills with business strategy.

Jeya, serves as the data scientist of the team. His groundbreaking work in unlocking the potential of additive manufacturing through innovative algorithms and data analysis has been instrumental in SAM's ability to provide cutting-edge solutions.

Together, Aymen, Sajed and Jeya form a formidable team poised to revolutionize the manufacturing sector. Their collective expertise, passion, and dedication are driving SAM's mission to transform the industry and empower businesses with the full potential of additive manufacturing.

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Experienced Leadership

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